The Bosque Village is an ecovillage in Michoacan, Mexico, founded in 2004.

It is our goal to live closely with nature using minimum resources for maximum benefit. We began in 2004 on over 50 acres of pine, oak, and madrone forest. We are off the grid, using no outside water or power. By adjusting our lifestyle we have enough power from solar panels and enough water from rain catchment. The solar panels also offer enough power to have internet using laptop computers. We have made over ten kilometers of trails and improved most to allow horse travel. We built lorena stoves for cooking and built five cabanas, an art studio, and five composting toilets. Our facilities include a temezcal (traditional sauna), a rustic campground with camping spaces that are either deep in our magical forest or around other travelers, miles of trails for hiking, birdwatching, observing wildlife, peaceful areas for yoga and meditation, a small eco-resort equipped with a Casita, a solar hot water heater, and numerous gardens, a plant nursery, an art studio and classes, large cisterns for water catchment, a telescope for stargazing and astronomy, a massage table, and medicinal plants. We are involved with reforestation programs, permaculture designs, utopianism, alternatives to Burning Man, renewable and alternative energy, and sustainable living. We have restored bird and butterfly habitats, we have guides to traveling around this area, and retreats which offer a chance to learn about deforestation, climate change, and sustainable tourism. We offer artist retreats, writers retreats, natural building courses (such as cob, strawbale, and adobe), wood and stone carving, ethno-botony, Day of the Dead excursions and events during Semana Santa, and much more! Visiting gives you a chance to explore Mexico, permaculture, and rural areas while being a sustainable tourist! We are currently seeking like-minded groups and individuals who share our dream of living in a community which serves both nature and ourselves. Visit our webpage to learn more! We love to have visitors who appreciate community, nature, and sustainable living.

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