Dogwood Ecovillage is an ecovillage proposed by CQ on land owned by Dogwood Farm in extreme Western Kentucky near LaCenter. This page at the ecovillage wiki is for planning, recruitment and the development of a charter.

The siteEdit

Approximate Location:

  • Longitude: -89.007
  • Latitude: 37.155

terraserver map

The site is located in prime bottom land on Clanton Creek near the Ballard Wildlife Management Area between Bandana and the Game reserve in the northern portion of Ballard County, Kentucky.


  • Vernon Tobe (Toby) Dulworth - Educator, conservationist and owner of Dogwood Farm
  • Debby Quinton Dulworth - Artist, author, educator and co-owner of Dogwood Farm and Studio
  • Charley Quinton - Artist, engineer and creator of OzoneFarm eCommunity

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