This is a planned ecovillage-type intentional community, to be established in Oregon or Washington, west of the cascades. Oregon and Washington were selected due to their ideology, as compared to other states. The area west of the cascades was selected due to it's high rainfall (which is good for growing crops), it's temperate climate, and it's low radon level.

We reject the character and behaviors of most people, who are committed to making their own and eachothers' lives as inefficient and impractical as possible short of causing the collapse of society. This community thus makes a departure from the backwards policies of love exclusivity, dominance of youth, genital mutilation, careless dysgenic breeding, quasi-theocratic censorship, various long laborious initiation rituals, ecological unsustainability, and any other such policies that we can dispense with.

All it takes is a handful of young people, about 6 to 10 of them, to get this plan off of the ground.

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