Mission and Vision Edit

Mission and Vision

About NextGEN Edit

About NextGEN

- What is NextGEN?

- Who is NextGEN?

- How are we organized?

--- Download PDF “How to start a regional network”

- Our overall objectives

- Program Areas

--- Networking

--- Outreach

--- Education and Training

- Our History

- Philosophy: Roots and Branches

- Download our Brochure PDF

Get Involved/Contact Us Edit

Get involved/Contact us

Start Now Edit

Start Now


- Groundbreakers and inspirational individuals

- Eye-opening reading

- Important films

- [[Print and online journals and magazines


- Personal, immediate actions you can take

- NextGEN Programs

--- Education and Training

--- Hitch Hikers Guide to Youth Friendly Ecovillages

--- Willing EcoVillage Energizers (WEVE)

--- Conferences

--- Other Outreach


- Defining your Dream – Entelekey Program

- Support for your dreams resources by topic

--- Agriculture & Food

--- Community Development

--- Economics

--- Ecovillage Planning and Design

--- Education

--- Energy

--- Green Building

--- Transportation

--- Women and Sustainability

- Help build your network – you are not alone

PDH starting your own regional network

- NextGEN Fellows Training

- Mentor Program

--- The Big Picture


Home Page

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